Whack A Craft – Minecraft Games

How to What A Craft? Help Steve break blocks and gather resources. Then, craft essential items (tools & weapons) to destroy monsters. Quick!
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Minecraft Games for Kids

Here come Minecraft games for kids! With blocks, building, creeps and even more blocks, your world exist! Play fun safe online minecraft games for kids now!
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Mine Blocks 1.23

Idle Mine ExHey guys! Dream to build some art structures in your style? If yes, the free environment like Mine Blocks 1.23 – cool maths minecraft block story is your ideal selection. Let’s enjoy it to form everything which you want. Each project will be done by some following steps. Mine blocks while rambling around the game map. Later, craft some items by using available recipes and the collected materials. Finally, build the dreamy constructions by arranging the materials on the game map. Notice that the dangerous critters like zombies, creepers, and others will watch you. They will attack at any time. Start the building process right away!

Build Fantasy Structures In The Game Series Mine Blocks

Idle Mine ExAs you know, Minecraft is widely considered as a creative environment for all people because they can freely build everything here. Mine Blocks is a game product based on this sandbox game, and it is also a cool maths minecraft block story. Thus, it also provides opportunities to show your building capacity. Don’t hesitate to try the building process in each edition of the Mine Blocks system. Let’s mine blocks to collect materials and build the first project now! Pay attention to cactuses and dangerous critters moving everywhere. Here we go!

Utopian Mining

Idle Mine ExA big storm has destroyed all art buildings of a beautiful villages. The villagers are getting worried about their home. Let’s help them rebuild everything, all players! At the moment, the village’s budget is empty, so you must control their robot so that it can go down into the under ground and destroy blocks to collect materials such as coal, irons, diamonds, red bricks, and others. Later, go to the village to sell these valuable items for money. Finally, use the income to spend on the rebuilding process. Don’t hesitate anymore! Take time to experience this cool math mine blocks game Utopian Mining and become the savior of this village right away!

Digging Diamonds

Idle Mine ExGoing down under the ground, the miner in Digging Diamonds – a cool math mine it game– is managing to destroy blocks and collect treasures. Would you like to support him in this mining process. It’s known that he can just destroy the blocks if they are matched correctly. A right match must be created by at least 2 same-colored blocks. Just hit the offered pickaxes at this match so that all of the blocks are demolished. Get ready to start the mining process with the miner? Don’t hesitate anymore! It’s amazing to get experience of this cool game. Play now!


Idle Mine ExThere is a fierce battle in Jacksmith, a cool math crafting game. To prepare for this battle, many warriors are requiring strong weapons. That’s why Jack is working hard to satisfy all of these customers. Let’s enjoy the game to give him a hand, players. Everything players should do is to follow instructions and orders of the customers to create the right weapons for them. The weapons may be blades, hammers, swords, and others. Gain lots of money from serving the customers, and use this budget to boost the crafting store, remember. Are you ready to start the job as a brilliant smith? Let’s go!