Gun Mayhem 2

Idle Mine ExHey guys! If getting already enjoyed with Gun Mayhem, you ought not to neglect Gun Mayhem 2, which is regarded as its cool installment. Would you love to participate in the battle with strong opponents to prove your shooting skill? Then, enjoy Gun Mayhem 2 right away. Discover new features here and begin the cool fight now!

It’s known that dynamite and gun are 2 main weapons for this fight. Be past to pick up the gun and shoot at all targets trying to knock you out so that they are eliminated entirely. Each arena takes place on platforms, and if you fall out of them, you will fail in the current fight. At the proper time, use the dynamite to blow them up. Importantly, it’s limited, so consider before availing it. It’s necessary to enter the training area before the major arena to help you learn about skills and abilities to cope with the more stronger targets. Good luck to you!


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