Mario Craft

Mario CraftIt’s surprised that Mario has landed on a Minecraft land. Oh guys! Do you wonder what leads him here? The truth is that he does not also know why he is here. On one morning while he are walking in the garden and contemplating colored flowers, he is suddenly pushed down into ta dark hole. Eventually, he finds himself in a strange forest after waking up. Surely, his only goal is to leave here as soon as possible because many dangers are waiting to swallow him. Hurry to start Mario Craft and rescue him now, players.

Whether he can come back home or not totally relies on your excellent guidance. Lead him through the forest by crafting wooden planks to protect him from the flying monsters during his trip. Just drag blocks from high trees and let him touch them so that they turn into the wooden planks. Remember that the monsters will flock to the forest right after the dark covers the Minecraft sky. Good luck!


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