Crappy Bird

Crappy BirdAnother new entertainment product based on Flappy Bird will continue entering hearts of people who have relished it. This game’s name is Crappy Bird. It’s sure that it will make you crazy because it’s difficult to control the little bird (the main character). It’s revealed that Flappy Bird has ever stirred a large number of players across the world. Are you getting curious about what is hidden in the game to create a strong feeling for the players like that. Play Crappy Bird to know right now!

If mentioning the basic objective of the game, players will feel easy to catch its rule and idea. They just need to take control of the little bird’s movement so that it can fly through a forest full of green pipes. Be careful while letting it fly ahead because it will die if hitting any surface. In detail, try to get through gaps created by the above pipes at any cost. Keeping him staying alive as long as possible means that you will get many points.


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