Summon The Hero To Save The Minecraft World

summon the heroIt’s unbelievable! A strong and beautiful kingdom like Minecraft is under threat and siege of the Demon’s minions. He is sending orcs, monsters, and harmful creatures to this land with the evil goal of conquering it and turning it into hell. Now, the only solution to this issue is to summon all powerful heroes to the land and assign them the mission of stopping the Demon’s minions from getting through the entrance. Are you confident to fulfill this quest excellently? Come to Summon The Hero so as to become the good general of a troop including those heroes now!

Summon The Hero is regarded as an interesting mixture of Defense game and Minecraft, so everything players will do in short is to tap available barracks to open the Inventory and select suitable hero units for the fight. Later, they will attack the enemies automatically. Don’t get worried. It’s funny to play the game.


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