Miner Princess – A Living Legend

Miner PrinceHi everyone! Do you know about a person called Miner Princess in Africa? Play the funny game named Miner Princess to know about this living legend. He is the leader of a secret land where all people have been abducted by an aggressive monster. He is on the way to rescue those innocent inhabitants. Nevertheless, he can just free them totally unless he gives out a certain number of valuable diamonds the monster requires. That’s why you need to get involved in this thrilling and spectacular game to support him in the process of mining the above precious stones and saving his people. It’s not easy to uncover and congregate these items because they are buried inside a weird mine. Come on! Be alert, skillful, and cautious to find out the right path to the stones’ positions. Here we go!

It’s great to know that Miner Princess partially has the hallmark of Minecraft which you have been interested in. Don’t neglect it at any cost, guys!


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